opengl window creation and use

Im fairly new to opengl, I am creating a program which is similar to a simple flight simulator. The only way I know how to create a window to display the vehicles on screen is by using GLUT. Using this i can easily display what is required however, this has a major limitation for my program, i need to have the window system to being essentially a slave to the main program which calculates movement etc. With glut i only seem to be able to have glut as the main program and run the calculations using glutIdleFunc() which is very wasteful and slow for the calculation problem. Can anyone help and suggest a solution or alternative to glut for this problem?

why not try “native” opengl via win32
this throws glut away but is more windows involving
basic steps:

  1. create a normal win32 app
    fill WNDCLASS structure
    register WNDCLASS structure -RegisterClass()
    create Window - CreateWindow()
    setup Main MessageLoop - PeekMessage()…
  2. do the wgl stuff
    find a pixelformat - ChoosePixelformat()
    set this pixelformat - SetPixelFormat()…
    create rendering context - wglCreateContext()
    make it current - wglMakeCurrent()…
  3. Do your stuff

for the pixelformat stuff look into your compilers help under PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR