OpenGL Win32 Samples


Ever since I have started working with openGL(which is not long time ago), I have seen and working on Win32ConsolApplication. Where can I get samples for Win32Project.

Thanks&Regards tutorials

What are “Win32Project” and “Win32ConsolApplication”? I mean, what framework is that?

If I remember well, the only difference I have seen is that the second shows a console besides the Windows window and the first just the window. Useful for logging.

No, I know the difference between a console and a window applications in Windows. But he wrote it like some sort of class names, so I was wondering which framework he works with.

Ah sorry Zengar, I misunderstood your question, maybe this is because I have worked with the Devcpp IDE where this kind of project templates were exactly called like these class names.

He is using Visual Studio. And (Win32 Cons… or Proj…) this is not a framework or class name. Its just a common win32 (winapi) project or console project, filled with code generated automatically by VS (its just a Template). In VS go to File->New->Project->Win32 and You have (Win32 Console Application) or (Win32 Project).

Ah yes, I suspected it, this is the same with devcpp.