is it possible, that it isnt possible to run opengl under w2000?
i’ve got a kyro 2 and amd800 and 512 ram.

but nothing with opengl runs.
not a winamp-plugin, and no game like MOHAA.

the newest driver are installed.

i dont find my problem, or i should say a solution.

hope you can help me.

if i start a game, the screen turns grey (MOHAA) and stays so.
nothing happens.


OpenGL runs fine on Win2k.
Chances are you either have bad drivers or you have done something crazy like deleting the opengl32 dll from your c:\winnt\system32 directory.

I’m having problems with my kyro card to. It works fine in XP, but I can’t get opengl or direct3d to work in win2000. I have installed directx 8. This is really bothering me, because I can’t play opengl games in win2000.