Opengl will not work on my pc "Quake III"

I bought the Quake III Arena and have a nVIDIA Vanta TNT-2 16mb video card. I hope this card will work. I just bought this new pc.

I got my quake game to work finally! I have windows ME operating system and I downloaded all the drivers needed. I downloaded DirectX 8.o, glsetup, the 3D driver for my vanta TNT-2 card. The problem was in my win.ini file. I looked for the DVA=0 and typed the semicolon in front DVA=0 and it works. YES!!!
I found my DVA=0 line almost at the end of the file right under [DrawDib]. I made sure my screen was set to 640x480 16 bit color. I hope this will help someone or it may be old news.

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