OpenGL Widgets?

I’m new to OpenGL. I’ve already read “The OpenGL Programming Guide”, and I’m about to start coding some toy projects.

I’d like to know if there exists a library for drawing widgets inside an OpenGL scene, like the ones used in some games (e.g. Unreal Tournament). I’m thinking in using full screen mode, so I guess I can’t use the widgets provided by the OS (right?) and I also guess that rendering widgets inside OpenGL would give me nice portability.

Can anyone give me some insight on this topic?

Thanks a lot.

If it isn’t commercial (or if you can pay a fee for commercial), you can use Qt.

Games, like Unreal, generally render their own GUI. This can be time consuming to code up, depending on how snazzy you want to get, but it’s not as hard as it might sound.

For a windowed app, like an editor or other art tool, things are a bit different, and something like Qt could come in handy. But for a fullscreen game, I suggest you roll your own. You’re typically going to be redrawing the entire frame each tick, so the window management logic is greatly simplified, and you can do some really fancy stuff, easily, having full control of the rendering (moving, stretching, blending, fading, …).