OpenGL + W2K + Detonator Drivers

Ok hoping someone can help me with my problem here. Current setup is:
p4 1.7
gigabyte 8iexp mobo
leadtek winfast a250 le (geforce 4 ti4200)
256 ddr 2100 ram
60gb seagate hdd
on-board sound
windows 2000 prof edition w/ sp3

running with the manufacturers drivers that came with the video card are fine and run opengl with no problems. however the problem is when i try to update my system with manufacturer’s latest drivers or any of nvidia’s detonator series drivers. when loading any game that requires opengl in full screen, the the screen will go blank and my monitor will go into standby mode and thus halting the computer altogether until i reset the machine. i have tried the latest detonator series of drivers, the whql certified versions, and latest manufacturer’s drivers for the card and they all cause this problem to occur when i load any game in opengl. direct3d is fine. the only time it will not cause this problem is when loading with the manufacturer’s old cd’s drivers, and as these are outdated by faster newer drivers, i’d like to know how to fix this problem. i have already contacted my video card and motherboard manufacturer’s about this problem, and i am awaiting for responses from them but if i could get any help here it would be much appreciated, thanks.

Did you install a recent AGP driver of your motherbord ?

I’ve also a problem with my config that is nearly the same of your : the refresh of my screen in opengl is always 60Hz for all resolutions and I think the geforce 4 is able to up to more than that ! If anybody know how to fix it …