OpenGL vs DirectX

I’m going to be developing a 3D engine for application creation. I want to use the best API there is. I don’t know whether to go with OpenGL or DirectX. The only draw back to DirectX I can see is that OpenGL is cross-platform. I am wondering which is more powerful and faster. Thanks in advanced.

We have had this discussion about a billion times. Use the search function.

Hehe, thanks. I figured someone must have asked this before, so I looked for a search button but couldn’t find one. I just did though. Thanks.

I want to know this,too.

So far from what I’ve been reading on other forums, DirectX has better perfomance and I believe they have more commands. However, I’ve given OpenGL a try, and now I know how to create, color, and texture objects! It’s been less than a week!

I just have one request for all of you people who work for OpenGL and the people that made OpenGL. I think OpenGL has tons of potential, and if you could maybe get a couple of teams together, I think you might be able to come up with some really cool new commands, and some ways to save processor time. Don’t know if you could, but it would be cool to see it happen.


We need a face that represents a deep slumber, a coma of sorts.


Why has no moderator closed it, yet??

  1. If you are not experienced with neither OpenGL nor D3D, don’t start comparing it.

  2. USE THE DAMN SEARCH BUTTON ! We’ve had this discussion a few hundred times, we don’t need it once again.


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so how is the progress in your game engine. I am also planning to develop one with Opengl and SDL. if you want to we can team up together. let me know if you r interested. My email


your comments are amusing, OpenGL has the latest features and the most innovation and is actually as fast or faster for many things (e.g. the instancing D3D introduced to work around a nasty performance bottleneck in D3D that just isn’t a problem with OpenGL).

If there is a valid complaint about OpenGL it is the time it can take for the latest features from multiple vendors to converge on a shared API.

This has been discussed before. I’m closing this thread, check the archives. Comments that state OpenGL as categorically slower, and offer advice to OpenGL developers to get together and come up with some new features to compete with the more ‘innovative’ D3D are ill informed and quite inflammatory, even if that wasn’t your intent :slight_smile: .

Have fun and enjoy whichever choice you make.

Should you choose OpenGL I look forward to your posts in the advanced forum once you have mastered OpenGL and exhausted all the advanced features you’ve just commented on.