OpenGL via java over WAP?

Yeah right… joke

Jeez, I’m bored.

NVidia is making 3D accelerated wap, phones, REALLY, would I lie with this face

You think that you’re joking here but I will begin a project with 3D html pages with OpenGl on WAP from 1 September.


I guess you mean wml and not html, NewROmancer. Anyway, please tell us more if you can/are allowed to.

This is surely a wind up? I know I was taking the piss…

You couldn’t have an implementation of OpenGL on a WAP phone for obvious reasons.

I suppose you could have a some kind of java serverlet that rendered the images server side using OpenGL and streamed them to the phone. One-bit images (which these phones display) wouldn’t take that long to transmit. Still the redraw rate would be pretty bad.

We should really ask ourselves “Why on Earth would anybody want to do this”

Saw that a world-leading cell-phone company (starting with an ‘E’ by the way) announced they made an MP3 player for their phones. Anyone else heard of this, or is this a bad joke too?

But HOW are you suppose to listen to the music then? Imagine sitting on the bus with the phone at your ear and listen to music for half an hour?

Man I was joking. You see, WAP is a transmission protocol so it has no connection with OpenGl. Only languages as Java,C++ etc and possible html (wouldn’t be cool to call the Ogl functions from HTML code?) can have OpenGL functions. But for real this time from 2 of September I’m beginning a project of an ATM (Asychronous Transfer Mode) controller for telephony. The client in Nortell. (This is not a joke)


Thats why I was banging on about Java and java serverlets…