OpenGL Versions & Compatibility

Hi, I’m from a DirectX background and have been exploring the shift back to OpenGL. I’m finding myself a bit confused about versions and compatibility though.

Is there a table anywhere of what hardware/drivers are compatible with what versions of OpenGL? In the sort of way we talk about DirectX 10-compatible cards, can someone briefly explain what the equivalent way to speak of OpenGL versions (from 2.x, 3.x, 4.x) is?

I’m trying to determine what standard version and features I can use to maximize compatibility for my target audience.


Direct3D version 10 is directly equivalent to all OpenGL 3.x versions. As long as you have up-to-date drivers, all D3D10-class hardware will support OpenGL 3.3. So there’s no need to worry about 3.2, 3.1, etc.

Direct3D version 11 is similarly equivalent to all OpenGL 4.x versions. 4.1 is still in the process of being widely supported, so stick to 4.0 for the time being.

D3D version 9 is… similar to OpenGL 2.1 with a number of extensions. It’s complicated.

That’s perfect, thank you…