openGL version?

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how can I check the openGL/OpenGL extension version in my machine?

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the version of gl in my machine is 1.3.1 by query result.
but I got a problem to run 3D texture mapping? tried the example of red book, gave me error like this:

This program demonstrates a feature which is not in OpenGL Version 1.0 or 1.1.
If your implementation of OpenGL has the right extensions,
you may be able to modify this program to make it run.

Then your card probably dont have it in HW and thus dont export it as an extension… if you load the funciton yourself and without the EXT or ARB postfix you will get the functions… but software emulated… beware, thats slooow.

my card is GeForce 4 ti4400,… is that support?

the emulator, like NV30 from nvidia?

Try using glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS). If the extension you are looking for is within that string it is supported. Extension string does NOT equal extension function name.

Look here for more info.

Mazy, I am quite interested about the sw emulation…

How exactly this works? To what openGL versions does apply? How does it interact with extensions?
Does it come from the extended GL or from the base GL?

Right now, I remember I read something similar on the SOMETHING_fragment_program specification…