OpenGl version not updating to the maximum supported one

Hi everyone, I have an old pc (running pentium 4 506). It is running intel 82945G express chipset on windows 8.1 pro (it runs better than windows 7). I had been using it for a while and didn’t get any issue. It was running OpenGL 1.4 which was also what was its max limit. But unfortunately I had to format the pc and ever since I reinstalled the windows 8.1 I’m facing OpenGL errors. The version does not update to 1.4 even when I have the latest version. Rather it remains to be 1.1. Also I checked for driver on intel website and found the latest version to be of 2009. But I am running a driver version of 2012 (updated using driver booster). I thought may be that is causing the issue but I am unable to switch to 2009 version. The setup from intel website fails to copy the files (whatever setup files those are). So, I’m asking help for getting the theoretical latest supported version of OpenGL 1.4.

I used to run stellarium on this pc and it worked fine but now I’m unable to use it. I hope someone will help!

Thank you everyone!

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