OpenGL version 1.2 under Windows 2000

Does Windows 2000 not support OpenGL version 1.2 yet?

I know that at the OpenGL site, it is stated that OpenGL version 1.2 is included with the driver for the graphics card. But I have installed the driver, but no version 1.2. I’m starting to believe that they were referring to the extensions alone, and not the actual OpenGL.
(Using Nvidia GeForce3)
So, does anybody know where he can download the new version?


There is no version of opengl 1.2 or 1.3 for windows. The functions only exist as extensions within the graphics card driver. If you want to use them, you must check for their existance and enable them. Do a search in the forums if you want to know more.

Simply a misinformative answer.

There is OpenGL 1.2 and even 1.3 for NVIDIA cards. The fact that you must load all the functionality the same way you do with extensions doesn’t mean there is no OpenGL 1.2.

You don’t have to check for the existance of the extensions to use OpenGL 1.2, but the GL_VERSION string, and if it is 1.2 or 1.3 you can load all OpenGL 1.2/1.3 functions.


my GL_VERSION is 1.1

My question is, how do I update openGL to 1.2 on win2000, if possible.


The version is limited by your graphics card/drivers abilities (that is assuming you are using hardware acceleration - if not then you are stuck because there are no recent software drivers for windows).

If your card only supports v1.1 and you have the latest drivers, then to ‘upgrade’ you simply need to invest in a better graphics card.

Go to and download the latest drivers for win2k, with them you’ll get OpenGL 1.3 support.


I dont think I need to invest in a better card. A GeForce3 should do.

I did download the latest drivers. However, I don’t see the new OpenGL versions (1.2 or 1.3 anywhere).

That is, the actual header file: gl.h is not updated.

[snipped] gl.h is not updated.

That might be true but it depends on your compiler environment. It has exactly nothing to do with your OpenGL implementation, AFAIK Nvidia had gl 1.3 compliant drivers for ages now. The truth is still, that with an MS driven platform (policy: OpenGL support is not important here) you need to import all the extra functions that make up the functionality of OpenGL 1.3 yourself. If you already know how to use extensions, use the same methods for 1.3 core functions.

Sorry, I stupidly didnt read that you had a GF3.

I think you are getting a little confused, your header files wont change just because you have new drivers.

What you must do is get hold of a glext.h file that has all the new functionality that you require.

There are many examples of implementing the various new features. Downloading the opengl extensions demo from here might be a good start:

I have a geforce 2 MX 400 and I have suppor for opengl 1.3 (i downloaded the latest drivers). I didn’t find any opengl 1.3 headers but you can look for intel’s glsdk, that is a good tool for working with opengl1.2/1.3 in windows without loading functions as extensions. (It includes opengl 1.2 and extension headers)

Sigh… RTF(FAQ)

Take a look at glext.h.