OpenGL v1.2

Where I can get the OpenGL version1.2 for Windows Operation System?.


You can’t. opengl32.dll does not yet support OpenGL 1.2.

It probably never will. Microsoft would have a harder time pushing DirectX if OpenGL was up-to-date for Windows.

is an up-to-date opengl32.dll (with 1.2)included in the detonator-driver?

or is the opengl32.dll brought by microsoft?


OpenGL32.dll is a part of the MS operating system. It’s not allowed to exchange that.
The current version of OpenGL32.dll contains only entry points for OpenGL version 1.1.
All OpenGL 1.2 and further fucntionalities have to be exposed via the extension mechanism, as long as MS is not updating the DLL.
Use wglGetProcAddress to get the function pointers you need.