opengl v1.1.0 ->v1.1.2 ?

hello i use a opengl 3d app called anim8or useing opengl v1.1.2 but just few days ago i reinstalled my win 98 se for an error not related to opengl but now the anim8or software is runing slow and says v.1.1.0
question is were can i get v.1.1.2 ?
i searched the org for it but nothing came up in search im a non-programmer
tek stuff i not so good with
thanks in advance Rrobert the bobit

It sounds like when you reinstalled Win98 that you neglected to load the latest driver for your video card. Go to the website of your video card manufacturer, download and install the most recent driver they support.

thanks for help yakuza i will see if i can find update tonite

sadly there was no direct i810-L chipset update or tek support for my card but the update for i810-E works only problem it corse is screen flicker when screen is set higher tha 800x600 and must stay in high colure insted of true
another question
would any body no witch drivers i should make a hard copy so if i do reinstall again i would only update to opengl v1.1.2
diagnostics utilitie say thease are opengl drivers i81xgicd.dll
i81xgdx.dll and i81xghlp.exe do i copy just thease or is there more to copy

I’m afraid I don’t know much about the i810 graphics, but here’s a link at with a bunch of info, perhaps you’ll find some of it helpful! It also has links to the latest driver, version 6.6 (I’m assuming this is the one you got last night).

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

yes its the update i got
and again thank you very much for your help