openGL urgent help needed: no texture, no graphic

Hi i need an answer to the question urgently

you are attempting to render a texture‐mapped model in a 3D world. the model is shown but the texture is not visible, how would you debug the problem? if neither the texture nor the model was being shown, then how wud u debug?

To be honest, the way you have phrased your question my first response is to go and read those sections of a good text on both subjects… The Red Book springs to mind.

If you can’t get access to that book then the NeHe site or other similar ones will have examples you can compare you code to.

Other than that it’s not clear what format of model you are trying to draw, or even if it is a ‘model’ or some kind of model / primitive you have constructed.

Alternatively, if you have a short example of your code and what it’s doing / supposed to be doing perhaps post that.

If your homework is about pure OpenGL programming, than reading the Red Book and trying its code examples is a good idea.

You can get a free online version of the Red Book at this location:

Note: It is an old version of the book, but it should be enough to get you started.

I hope nobody answers this question directly since it is obviously some homework problem…