OpenGL under RDP

Much had been said about OpenGL/RDP. The search find threads with the following conclusions:

  • it doesn’t work
  • use VNC

However, I’m looking at a very interesting situation. I have three Windows machines:

  • Dell XPS with AMD Radeon 7500 series
  • Dell XPS with GEForce GTX 745
  • Intel NUC with Intel onboard graphics

Only RDP connection to the machine with NVidia card results in OpenGL on RDP connection being v1.1/MS implementation. The other two end up with card’s drivers and higher OpenGL version. Considering all three run the same version of Windows 10 – why the difference?

it is a limitation of nvidia drivers. If you want to have opengl through remote desktop with nvidia, you need to buy much more expensive quadro, which supports it

Sounds like Doug gave you your answer. Any reason that a VNC client (there are multiple) wouldn’t work just as well for you?

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