Opengl transformation stack in version 3.3

Greetings all,

Given that in Opengl 3.3 and up the glPushMatrix/PopMatrix are deprecated, is there a standard way of maintaining the transformation stack now? I am using GLM to set up my modelview matrices, but unsure how to maintain and manipulate the stack.

How do you guys get around this? Thanks in advance!

How do you guys get around this?

You write one. It ain’t exactly rocket science; it’s a stack. I was fine with using std::stack as the internal basis of mine, but you can do your own memory management if you wish.

If you’re desperate for an off-the-shelf implementation, my tutorials (linked in my sig) have one as part of its framework.

No I’m not desperate and realize a stack isn’t rocket science. I was just wondering if there was a library that had become widely accepted for this purpose, similar to how GLM seems to be widely used for constructing xform matrices instead of everyone writing their own matrices from scratch.

Thanks for your reply.