OpenGL tibia graphic issue

Ok, so here is my problem, when I activate the openGL mode on tibia, I get an issue where the words in-game are kind of cut by 1/4. Here are some of my specs:

Windows 8 64bit
Gpu Nvidia GT 735M
Intel I7-3537U

And idk what else to add, I also have Intel HD graphics 4000 on “display adapters” in device manager menu. I would like to know what’s the problem and how i can fix it.

Here are the pictures:
In this one im using openGL, in red areas u can see circled on red how my name, the monsters name, loot, menu and my fps/ms(left corner) look like cut

This is how it should look… im using Directx9, the fps there is acceptable, but sometimes goes down to 4-50, and when im pvping my fps may go down to 30 fps (when crowded) this is why i wanna play with openGL