OpenGL - The Begin

Hello all,

sorry,but iam from austria and could not so good speak english,but i will do some question about openGL programming :slight_smile:
Here my Questions:

1.) I can programm with C++ and OpenGL and blackscreen and i will programs more than i can now.
What i can programmed now?And where are the Tutorials from this?

2.)I have a 3D-Editor(called -> “Blender”),who i can create here models,NPC’s for a Game.A Grafikengine have i,they
was called “Ogre3D”.
I will be program a Game,an Ego-Shooter;) ,
But i dont can do anything,because i can not … :frowning:
-> How i can programs a Game with the Blender(3D-Editor),with OpenGL(+ C++) and the Grafik/Gameengine Ogre3D ?

Thanks for all post’s.

Bye, Martin

You can look at tutorials on the Ogre3d wiki which also contains tutorial describing how to use models from the Blender. You might also look at some other tutorials

Thx Komat for you Reply.