OpenGL texturing very unexact?

Ok, I have a little problem with my light mapping. I am drawing a couple of palm trees, which are throwing a shadow on the landscape. But sometimes these shadows have not the right position. A bit for too left, too right and so on. It’s always just relative minimal, but good visibile nevertheless. I checked the values of everything and all seems to be 100% correct from my side, but nevertheless sometimes the shadows are not exactly where they should be.

Here a picture to show, what’s the problem:

I guess the card is doing this as an optimization, but in some ways it’s also hard for me to imagine, that it can be soooo extreme unexact. Is there a possibility to increase how exact/unexact the texturing is done or is it for sure a bug in my shadowmap calculation functions?



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Try improving the resolution of your shadow map. As just a debug test, take it up to the maximum for your card.

are the trees actually interpenertrating (oh er) the surface?

This is much too inexact. It is NOT OpenGL it is your application. Make sure your trees are in the same position when drawing the shadow texture as when drawing the scene. Do you have more than one tree model? Are the trees sitting on the surface, etc. Are they getting rotated around a slightly offset origin?

Start with the assumption that this MUST be in your application and you’ll have a chance of solving it.

One caveat, if the modeling transformations to translate the trees to their positions have some truly massive mumbers in them them there is a chance that this is precision, but I doubt that’s what you are doing.

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I finally got it solved and yes… it was my application --> my dumbness. I debugged me to death about it and saw nothing which could it be… if there hadn’t been the missing *2 in a part of the height calculation . I’d also been shocked if the GeForce had really had such a tollerance, but after 2 hours of checking all UVs, the shadowmap calculation and so on I got more and more sure it could be GL… yeah, yeah, I know… always the way : It wasn’t me, I’m doing nothing wrong, it was the bad bad bad uncle GL , hehe.

Thanks in any case,


Uncle GL?!