OpenGL tests or example applications for (ARB_bindless_texture, memory & semaphore)

Hi All,

My Android source supports OpenGL 4.5 and its basic functionality is tested using some test applications. I want to validate support for APIs corresponding to extensions (GL_ARB_bindless_texture, GL_EXT_memory_object & GL_EXT_semaphore).
Test cases for these extensions are not available in OpenGL CTS

Could you point me to some test applications or examples to check APIs for the mentioned extensions.


If you want to check for the presence of the extensions on various hardware without obtaining the hardware and installing the driver, see the OpenGL and OpenGL ES databases at

If you’re interested in pointers to code for detecting the presence of these OpenGL extensions, see OpenGL_Context#Context_information_queries in the wiki.

Some existing applications which already query for the presence of all GL (or GL-ES) extensions: glxinfo (Linux/UNIX; see also Mesa3D), visualinfo and glewinfo (part of the GLEW package), etc.

Not just checking presence but to exercise them and confirm APIs are implemented properly.
Thats the reason why I am asking for CTS kind of tests or some examples.

For bindless texture, see the bindless-texture examples in G-Truc’s OpenGL Samples Pack.