Opengl terminates my Win2000! HELP!!

i’m a rookie and therefore my problem is (hopefully) a rookie-problem. My System: PIII500, 128 MB, Viper770 non Ultra and Win2000.
When I run SiSoft Sandra the program said to me that I have to install opengl on my system. After I’ve installed opengl SiSoft Sandra will hang up my system when testing the opengl-feature!! When I want to run a standart 3D-Screensaver the saver shows an error and closes itself.
What the hell is going on? During installation opengl overwrites 2 Files in my Winnt/system32 directory. Is this the problem? How can I fix this problem? Please help me!


Open GL and win2000 just dont work together and the driver to your card doesnt support openGL in a win2000 enviroment.
Win2000 is a really bad game OS due to its a winNT.