OpenGL & Swing hw / lw issues - help

I need to present a html page in my opengl app. I’m looking at using JEditorPane, but I’m having trouble keeping it in front of the program. Suggestions?

Wouldn’t that be easier to render the html into an image using JEditorPane, then integrate this image a textured quad on OpenGL side ?
Otherwise, if both OpenGL and regular 2D drawing fight for the same screen surface, you will have lots of problems.
Or do you want GL and HTML parts to be separate, ie split the window in 2 ?

They would be on the same screen. I guess the thing that I don’t understand with rendering as a images is how it tracks scrolling, the placement of text, the triggers for hyperlinks, etc. The user needs to interact with the component.

When I wrote “fight for the same screen surface” I meant “fight for the same pixel”. On the same screen but but different place it is good.

Can you show a screenshot or mockup of expected result, versus current buggy result ?

Sorry, was out for a bit. Here is a screenshot of what it should look like. I need to give the user some scrollable area that has hyperlinks, when they click the hyperlink, it will minimize my opengl app and open the webpage in the browser.