*Warning message , Do NOT Install any OpenGL drivers on your Computer.

From one with experience…

Well, that can be hard to avoid since the drivers is in the same package as the other drivers for the graphic card.

well smart ass , u try to update your gl-drivers and we will see how your computer reacts to it.

After 5 hours of recovery on my computer that was coused by installing latest GL-drivers-update on my PC , I will GodDamit put some warning up for any other users…

I was stupid not to noticed the Bug-report.exe software shipped with the GL-drivers, this can´t be a good singn !!

OpenGL is a free driver set.
You cannot pretend perfection.
Neither drivers coming with boards are perfect.
Anyway, many games already install OpenGL.
Do you own Quake3? You are using OpenGL

Right, but OpenGL drivers is not free. They are copyrighted by the hardware manufacturer. It sounds like you have tried to install some of the leaked drivers that is floating around the net. They are for developers and are not released for some good reasons and will probably not be the best if you wants to play games.

If you have to spend 5 hours to reinstall the old drivers are you doing something wrong or your OS sucks.

>>u try to update your gl-drivers and we will see how your computer reacts to it.

I have installed about 10 different driver versions the past year. As soon as a new one is out, I download it and install it. So, how has my system reacted? It works better and faster for each new driver I install, and I don’t have had to reinstall anything afterwards.

Anyways, unless you didn’t know it, OpenGL is AUTOMATICALY installed when you install Windows, and there is no way to prevent it from being installed.