OpenGl supported technology list.


Where can i find the OpenGl supported technology list? I want to be able to find a mother board fully supported the last opengl api, and to be able to check it.
I have already search in the opengl documentation, but it was made for programmers, the technology used does not appeared clearly.
For example, the Intel 915GV graphics subsystem supports pixel shader 2.0, software vertex shader… What is needed for the last opengl API?

I think you got it backwards. OpenGL is nothing but a specification and its up to the 3d chip manufacturers to implement that spec into their hardware and drivers. Since “OpenGL” is only a board of delegates and not a company it dosnt intent to monitor which manufacturer complies to which extend to the specification (nor does it have the resources required).

However you may find this site usefull:

OpenGL is a graphics library and hence has very little to do with motherboards with the exception of chipset integrated 3d solutions.

The rule of thumb is that the performance of integrated solution simply sucks big time when it comes to playing games. So if you are looking for a new gaming rig go for a Geforce 7800GT(X) based 3d card and enjoy OpenGL 2.0 to the full extend.