OpenGL Support.

I want to add OpenGL support to my emulator that I’m developing, but I don’t know what to do! Help!

what emulator do you developing?

What part of your emulator do you want to be implemented with OpenGL? Is it an older console system (i.e. 2D) or a newer 3D one?


For some technical info, it’s a Sega Model 1 (Virtua Racing, Virtua Fighter) emu. It does 3D graphics, but these games are 7 years old, so there are no texture maps, only polygons. You can find out more info about this at, go under games and tech, and go under Model 1. If this leads to an answer on about how to add OpenGL support for my emu, that would be very thankful for all of you. Oh, and I downloaded the Apple OpenGL SDK, I want to know how I can use that for my OpenGL support.

My bad, here is the link.
I just want OpenGL support for the graphics. If you cann give me C++ code, that would be a life-saver!

Cool! I love those games! If you haven’t already checked out NeHe’s tutorials ( on OpenGL programming (there are MacOS ports of the projects too), for what you’re doing you probably will only need to go through the first 5(?) lessons… the ones that don’t include texture mapping. Well, you’ll also want to take a look at the lighting one too, just ignore the texture mapping stuff at first, after all, texture mapping will come in handy for the logos and stuff. I wrote a tutrial on using DrawSprocket and AGL (the MacOS specific implementation of OpenGL) which you can find at (it’s under docs). I need to do a quick update of it, but it should work fine for now. I hope that helps. I’m looking forward to your emulator sometime in the future. Anything we here on the message board can do to help, let us know.