OpenGL support videocards

Hi All,

could anyone please tell me that, what are the videocards which support OpenGL Ver 1.2 effectively.

also please give me the comparative analysis of such cards (if possible).


What do you mean by “support OpenGL 1.2 effectively”? Good drivers or all/most features supported in hardware? What kind of cards, consumer or professional cards?

I meant good drivers which support maximum features.

I am looking for professional cards only.


Well, if an implementation of OpenGL supports vertsion 1.2, they must have a “basic set” of functions. This “basic set” does not change between different implementations. So featurewise, all OpenGL 1.2 implementations are exactly the same (apart from the optional imaging set though), but more or less optimized.

If you need even more features than what OpenGL 1.2 provides, they need to be implemented as extensions. Extensions is used to implement features that is not a part of OpenGL’s core functions.

You might want to look at Apps & 3D Hardware / 3D Accelerators at the main menu here at They got a small list of manufacturers and their cards/chips. Mostly entertainment cards, but there are some professional cards aswell.