opengl support for an old game

I have a pc game from 1998, called Jane’s WWII Fighters.

This game can run in 3 modes: glide, directx, or opengl.

In directx or glide mode, the horizon looks great. But in OpenGL mode, the horizon doesnt look so good. Theres no fog! Here’s an excerpt from the README of the game:

"Known OpenGL Issues:

Fog is not supported by current Installable Client Drivers."

Is there a way to get the fog working in OpenGL mode with this game?

Secondly, when using directx mode, texture sizes are limited to 512x512, but in OpenGL mode, textures size is limited to just 256x256. Is there a way to use 512x512 textures in OpenGL mode with this game?

Thanks in advance to anyone offering suggestions.

Maybe there’s a patch you can download that solves these issues. A quick google search results shows there’s a v1.08 patch


yes, I have the latest patch installed. thanks.