OpenGL SuperBible (Winding)

The front facing winding information given in OpenGL SuperBible (3rd. ed), is contrary to that seen in OpenGL Programming Guide (The Red Book 3rd. ed).

The superbible says on page 113, Listing 3.8, // " Clockwise-wound polygons are front facing…" when referring to a GL_TRIANGLE_FAN. On page 122 and 123, GL_QUADS, GL_QUAD_STRIP and GL_POLYGON are again shown with clockwise windings. I realize that glFrontFace() determines front-facing, but why are these examples different?

The red book shows these types as having counter-clockwise windings.

Has the OpenGL API changed windings since the red book 3rd ed was printed in 1999?

Thank you for your help.


I may sound Mao-ist when I say this, but always trust the red book. Unless what you need is in the Blue Book or the Orange Book.

Someone should check the fourth edition on this.(my copy is at the house) Also, the 2.0 spec is out. I’m sure this could be resolved referring to that.