OpenGL Superbible or Red Book

Whats up,

Ive just gotten into graphics programming, and am reading the Open GL superbible. Now I think its a great book, but was wondering if I should just stick with the superbible or should i buy the red book as well?



Both books are very good and are invaluable in their own rights. As an owner of both books i sugest you also make them both your own to love for eternity.

I agree, but I started with the red book and did just fine

I have both and I would be lost without them. I think the difference is that the Red Book is a technical manual, while the Superbible is really just a bunch of tutorials.

I would have to say tho that one doesn’t make a lot of sense without some form of the other (technical docs and code examples) so I would get both all over again.

And if you are interested in the math of computer graphics, and not just the openGL code ie the theory that went into openGL, try to get a hold of:

Foley et al, Introduction To Computer Graphics, Addison Wesley (I think) - very heavy and uses pascal/pseudocode for its algorithms, but gets deep into the early 80 inovations in CG&IP.

Edward Angels’ Intro To Comp Graphics: Topdown with openGL is quite good for a general overview of graphics concepts but a bit lightweight on openGL.

Good Luck


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