OpenGL SuperBible 7th Edition Source Code

Hey all,

I started to read the book “OpenGL SuperBible 7th Edition Source Code” and I downloaded the source code from

Though, the example in the book are not equals to sample codes in git hub.
For instance, glGenVertexArrays is replaced with glCreateVertexArrays.

Do I missing something?
Do I need to expect that the author will update the source in git with every changes in the book?


I have just written a post asking about cube map arrays, because i want to use them for point light shadow maps and reflections. I looked at your repository and i didn’t find anything about it. You have cube maps, but you don’t have array cube maps, which are much more interesting because you can only bind 32 textures, which are not that much. For example, if you have 6 object with reflections and another 6 point lights, you just used 12 samples, it is not that much scalable.