OpenGL SuperBible 5th Edition - Setup problem

Hello folks,

I am new to OpenGL programming and want to learn how to write OpenGL programs. I got a book called “OpenGL Super Bible 5th Edition”.

On Windows 8 Pro w/Visual Studio 2012, I tried to follow instructions on that book but I am using Visual Studio 2012. I selected Tools->Options->Projects and expanded “Projects and Solutions”. When I tried to select VC++ Directories but I was told that they have been deprecated.

On Mac OS X Mountain Lion w/Xcode 4.6, it now uses OpenGL 3.2 framework. I was able setup GLTools on XCode 4.6 but tried to run it. I got wireframe results instead of texture-mapped graphics. I looked into xcodeproj and noticed some files are flagged as red.

Does anyone have any alternative setup for Visual Studio 2012 and Xcode 4.6/OSX 10.8.x for OpenGL SuperBible 5th edition?

Does anyone have any setup for Eclipse Juno w/CDT and MinGW-64?