OpenGL subsystem won't load

hey, just joined, wondering if anyone can help me out. im running win xp sp1 and have a p3 800 mhz. i have an aladdin tnt2 nvidia crap card and i am trying to run jedi knight 2: jedi outcast. i used to be able to run it before my motherboard crashed (had onboard msi), but with this new crap board, i got a crappy onboard graphics card. i temporarily fixed the problem a year ago when i updated the driver from the nvidia site, and the game would run, but after a while the display would become distorted, and i’d have to restart the computer. so i rolled back the driver and left it at that. im trying again to get the game to run, and still to no avail. nvidia updated their drivers and i tried installing the most recent appropriate driver, yet it still wont work. when i check in the device manager, it says the date of the first driver, not the newer one i tried to update to, so im not even sure if it updated or not.

still now when i run the game, it loads the console, and then attempts to run the game, and then returns to windows, giving me the message:
GLW_StartOpenGl() - could not load OpenGL subsystem

if anyone knows anything about this, please help me out.

Sounds like you ignored Nvidia’s installation instructions and did not remove the old drivers before you installed the new ones and now you have a nice driver mix-up. Its a common problem.

You should try the “detonator destroyers” (google for it) to remove any drivers left-overs, then read and follow the installations instructions.

Hey I have the same problem about the opengl driver from Nvidia. I have a TNT2 card and when I have tried the latest drivers they just didn’t seem to work. Could you tell me which driver it was that u used a long time ago. This is because I might find it in the Nvidia driver archive.

good advice qwerty77, but detonator destroyer is only available for up to win me, not xp. i got nvcleaner, which looks like its xp compatible, but the thing is if i delete all nvidia drivers and reboot, will the display work until i install the drivers? i just tried nvcleaner, and it keeps saying that the registry keys cannot be found, yet it lists all the files and keys, but it cant delete them. any furthur advice?

by the way mike, i dont know wut driver it was, but wutever driver it was, it came with that stupid nview program from nvidia, and even if i wasnt in the game, if i was just in windows, the screen would go distorted and i’d have 2 restart. so if u can track down the driver from nvidia’s archives, then give me a link if u can, cuz i checked their site yesterday and couldnt find anything about archives.

OK pyeduke here is the site to the nvidia xp archive

and here is the nvidia 98/me driver archive

I would suggest one of the earlier drivers probably at the time when there was no nview and the drivers were basic like providing opengl with out the extra crap (nview).

Hope this helps. But I wanted to know what was the very first driver you took from nvidia, not the one that gives you probelms

hey mike,
i’ll check those sites for the archives when i get a chance and download some drivers and see if they help. before i got the driver with nview, i had the win 98-me driver that came with the stupid motherboard. i upgraded to xp, and xp installed a generic driver for the crap card, so not everything is functional with it. when i was running me before the upgrade the card worked with almost everything. if ur interested, i can probably find the old driver from cd and upload it to a geocities site or something. tell me if ur interested. only drawback is that it doesnt work with xp.

mike, it finally works! i got another cleaner program called driver cleaner 3, then got rid of all the nvidia crap it would allow me to, then i rebooted and loaded windows using just vga settings (640x480 by default) and i tried installing the more recent appropriate drivers from nvidia, but they didnt work. i then tried installing the win 98/me/2000 drivers from the cd that came with this motherboard, and now the game works. havent checked if it will screw up after a while like it used to with the nview driver, but it looks like it works. if ur interested in getting the drivers from me, reply requesting them.

Congradulations it can get pretty frustrating. I think I have found a good driver for my card but the thing is that Nvidia says to go to the control panel and then the add/remove options and from there to uninstall any drivers from nvidia. When I did that I couldn’t find any drivers, but I know that I installed display drivers for my motherboard when I installed windows. Do you think there should be a problem if I install over the drivers I can’t find or should I use a program that finds them.
So your telling me that the drivers that were included with your motherboard actally worked. I don’t know why since my drivers that came with the motherboard don’t work. Do you think they should help me? Maybe I will take them just incase there is no solution for me.

Out of the top of my head, I think the support for the TNT2 went downhill after the detonators 28.xx.

i went to device manager, then the display adapter, and removed any drivers it would allow me 2 (uninstall). then i used the driver cleaner 3 program 2 wipe out anything else. i rebooted, and then i chose to install drivers by going back 2 device manager, display adapter, then install driver, and i chose 2 specify the location of the cd (e:\ in my case). it took like ten minutes, but it finally identified and installed the drivers. the drivers are not supposedly compatible with xp, and i was warned that it was not advisable to continue with install, cuz undesirable effects may occur, but i continued with the installation anyway. i was told that i was missing 2 files (at 2 differnt times thru the installation), and i was given the opportunity 2 browse for the files. good thing was that the installation gave me the names of the files, and as soon as i clicked on browse, the file showed up, and i selected it, and continued with the installation. im now running drivers from 1999/2000 in 2004 on an xp computer :slight_smile: . if u want the drivers, i copied them from the cd and compressed them in winzip. comes up to 7.71 mb (from 13.9 mb originally). too big 2 upload 2 any online place i can think of. if u have an email addy with lots of space, give it 2 me if u want, and i can send it 2 u. (yahoo gives u up to 100 mb free).

anywayz, the game works, and im happy :slight_smile:
thanx for all the help guys.