OpenGL stuck at 1.1

Hi, after going through AMD, Intel and Microsoft, none of them can solve my problem so im here.
Not matter how i update , reinstall graphics, test out different stuffs, my openGL is stuck at 1.1

Any suggestion for fix since i cant find any solutions, only the same problem happening in quite a lot of places.

Intel UHD Graphic 730
Radeon RX 480
Windows 10 Pro

Need additional info can let me know

Try using a utility such as Driver Sweeper to remove any existing driver installation before installing.

tried, no difference. anymore solutions?
theres no ways of contacted openGL staffs right?

No, because such staff does not exist :wink:
OpenGL is a specification, i.e. just a document describing functions and data structures and how they are supposed to work. The implementation of that specification is part of the graphics driver and done by the vendor (so AMD and Intel respectively in your case).

How are you verifying the OpenGL version available on your system?

TechPowerUp GPU-Z
Any other way ?
Microsoft was the one who asked me to ask for the staff lmao

Hmm, where does GPU-Z display the OpenGL version, I could only see OpenCL, but might have missed it in the flood of details.
You could try: glcapsviewer which is more OpenGL specific and provides the data for

I do have both.
For GPU-Z, you can see at the bottom right there’s the OpenGL version.
But the funny thing is ,
GPU-Z => Version 1.1
glcapsviewer => Version 4.6
for the same intel graphic

So im kinda confused whats wrong

Hmm, why does it matter? If you want to develop your own application that uses OpenGL then the only thing that matters in practice is if your code successfully creates an OpenGL context of the version you require, no?

Trust glCapsViewer (i.e. OpenGL Hardware Capability Viewer) and ignore GPU-Z. And carsten_neumann’s got a good point.

On Windows, if an app creates its OpenGL context incorrectly (for instance, requesting an unsupported window pixel format), you aren’t connected to a GPU hardware-accelerated OpenGL driver but are instead force-connected to the Microsoft Software-emulated OpenGL version 1.1 driver. Getting a “version 1.1” back for your GL context version is a hint that this has happened.

So my guess is that either GPU-Z is exhibiting this problem, or GPU-Z is creating a GL context on the Intel GPU instead of the AMD.

Either way, the author of glCapsViewer knows what he’s doing. Trust the OpenGL version 4.6 report. You might also make note of whether that is:

  • “OpenGL default” (compatibility profile here)
  • “OpenGL core context”

In compatibility profiles, you’ll have the ARB_compatibility extension available (see Extensions tab).

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