OpenGL Stopped Working For No Reason

About 2 weeks ago, my GL stopped working all together. I ended up re-formatting and starting over from scratch. That seemed to work, but tonight it stopped working again. This is driving me crazy too. My GL screen-savers work fine, and DirectX works fine, just no games (ie GLQuake, Quake III, Tribes) work now with GL. HELP!!! I have a 400Mhz Celeron running Diamond Viper V550.

Your message problem sounds like my recent problem.

My favorite OGL game stopped working several weeks ago, too. (Kyodai Mahjongg 10.21 full version). I noticed the problems first with this program. I was crashing so often that I could not run any applications shortly afterwards. I did not find any virus or hardware problems.

I ended up deciding to reformat my primary hard drive and reload Win98 SE upgrade (long process since I have been upgrading since early MS-DOS and I had to start with Win95 disk check).

Again, at the time my Mahjongg 3D stopped working - everything else that was 3D seemed to be affected too. I was using an STB Velocity 4400 AGP card with 16MB memory. My computer is a PII-333 with 440LX/66MHz m-board & 64MB SDRAM.

I really thought I was having video card problems, so I installed a new Diamond Stealth III S540 Xtreme AGP video card which has 32MB. My OpenGL and Mahjong program still does not work. My DirectX 7.0a does work as suggested by DXdiag tools.

I will be going back to my original card this afternoon just to try and isolate the problem since the Stealth III card did not fix the problem. But first, is there an easy way to test the OpenGL functionality to isolate problems? Did you find any kind of virus or hardware problem?

Michael Overeem

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No, I did not find any virii or hardware problems. I did a lot of searching for a simple OpenGL diagnostics tool, but had no luck. My hardware acceleration works fine as well with DirectX 7.0. The DXDiag tools pass all test with mine too. I switched out video cards too, and no results. I am suspecting a game that I recently installed (S.P.Q.R.), or the Quicktime that it uses (v2.11). I don’t know how or why, but it is the only thing that has changed on my system for quite a few weeks. I have reinstalled my video card drivers, uninstalled the game, and the Quicktime. I am using the latest Diamond v550 drivers, which use the Nvidia 3.68 reference drivers (the latest). I have no idea what is causing this, but it sure makes me want to switch to the Glide. Did you have any luck Michael?