opengl source code??

is it possible to get the opengl sources? where? i cant find them anywhere!!

i hope they are available :frowning:

hi tommy!

i think you are so on line or but had on the web :eek:

i hope i help you! i found good demo but dont know where to go? :stuck_out_tongue:


oh i try search for you but nothing there! :frowning:

what do we do tommy!?!? :frowning:

i dont know i thoughtt that opengl source was availabel

it is avalableix tommy but it hard to find! you must surf with your net!

:smiley: :smiley:

if you want we surf togeter :slight_smile: i show you how if you dont know? i still new so be kind to me :slight_smile:

that offer sounds gay
i can not find the official sources not any other
i need to hack opengl for personal purposes it is for a test at school we need to understand the basics of hacking and they told us to choose a library i asked if it could be opengl they gave me thumbs up but now im fried i can not find its source then i cant go on with the school projectt

oooooh i dont know the thumbs sound scary but i would look to source b4 hack sets in caus it not good for you to fried! :slight_smile:

you hack at opengl? why? will it hurt? i dont think that right :confused:

sory wish i could help better but think illegal :frowning:

what you mean gay? i happy! are you? i hope so! :slight_smile:

i must go i feel sick :frowning:

good luck with you hack tommy! i hope they kind to you in the big house! :wink:

my english is bad but yours is even worst :stuck_out_tongue:
we will maek a wrapper instad if we can not find the source of opengl

Its a common misconception that the “Open” in “OpenGL” refers to OpenSource.

It does not.

OpenGL is way older than the OpenSource movement and the “Open” stands for “open standard”.

And each licensee (ATI, Nvidia, Microsoft …) has its own (closed source) implementation of the OpenGL standard.

There is however an reference implementation of OpenGL available from SGI and there is MESA ( which is an OpenSource implementation of the OpenGL standard as well as numerous other implementations for various purposes like TinyGL.

For a wrapper you may want to check out glIntercept (

As far as “hacking” is concerned: :rolleyes: