I have Radeon 9000 Pro 128 Mb and im playing kotor 2.I can put soft shadows,but i cant put framebuffer option on!!WHY??I HAVE graphic card that can support pixel & vertex shaders!!!On my friends computer there is option Framebuffer(he has Geforce 4 Ti 4200 64MB,but we both have 1.4 pixel shader versions!!!).Now,it came to me that maybe my OpenGL version is not good.My OpenGL version is 1.3.4955,it says i need to have 1.4,but on “kotor 2 scan hardware” it says that my OPenGL version has passed!Im strugglin with this problem ever since the first kotor came and no one was able to solve my problem!Ive searched all the net but havent found “OpenGL 1.4 download”.


Read this :

It is written at least 3 times that you need to donwload updated video driver from your card manufacturer website, for you it is (top of page, drivers & softawre).

If this does not fix your problem, complain to ATI or buy a better card.

Good luck !

Well,i did that and ati does not have OpenGL for downloading.It seems that the only choice i have is buyin a new graph card.But i dont understand it.My graph is supporting pixel shaders in all games except kotor1,2.It seems that this problem cant be solved.AArghg…ill never enjoy p.shaders in kotor…all that force powers… :frowning:

It’s funny how when even when you tell them to install the driver, they don’t do it.

GL is not something you download. You download the video driver’s which include a GL driver.

Does this clear it up?
You GL version will be 2.0 with Catalyst 5.3
The 9800 will definitly work with KOTOR2

Sorry but OpenGL 1.3.x is the highest version you will get for your Radeon 9000.

Whether you cant enable the frame buffers effects because of the OpenGL version or because Bioware decided the Radeon 9000 isnt up to the task is something only they can answer.

Well,well…thanks for that answer man.I guess ill hav to buy stronger graphic card.Do you recommend 9600XT or 9550 XT?

The 9600XT is only 5 to 10% faster, but its more widespread the 9550XT so between the two, I would prefer the 9600XT.