opengl slang

do someone knows how to do some preliminary tests on slang (on non 3dlabs cards, saw an SDK for wildcat only) ??
Is there a some sort of virtual machine (virtual gfx card?) to test it with ?
Or maybe a simple software compiler/debugger/viewer ?

I read the latest paper and got very interested with it.

cya and thanks.

ya me too looking for that but i’m afraid there’s nothing similar at the moment

I’m hoping that the IHVs are going to implement drivers that support the extension, even if only in a software emulation, soon.
To any IHV reading this, can we get a word on this?

By the way, after reading the specs, Kudos to the GL2 working group - sounds very good!

Yep, it sounds good, but I won’t wait too much for sumthing to play with…
There are other shading languages around, is better for ARB/3DLabs dudes to move fast.

I’m pretty confident that most if not all IHV’s are already working on this.