OpenGL Setup

I have just installed a ASUS V7100 Magic V11.01c its a GeForce 2 XM200 32MB.
Yes I know you can get much more enhanced graphics cards but I believe this kind of card is common place and as such should be useable on game platforms.
When I run the OpenGL Setup program which tries to install OpenGl on my system, the setup tells me that it can not recognise the card. In the list of cards which the Web site tells me asre supported, my card is listed.
I have updated the graphics card to the lastest driver, also updated the Motherboard VIA driver and still I have not answer.
When I display my graphics driver setting from Control Panel the card is clearly installed for what it is.
As I wish to run Tribes 2 and they much prefer OpenGL and I find the setting given by Sierra for runing the game in DirectX don’t work, I’m well and truely stuffed.
Can anybody assist with any further action I might take.