OpenGL setup for NT

I am trying to install Tribes 2 on my computer at work and I keep getting an error:

Unhandled exception: c0000005
At address: 00000000

I checked on the Sierra/Dynamix Tribes Troubleshooting forums and they said that they had luck with this error by running the OpenGL setup and replacing the OpenGL2D3D file in my game’s folder.

Well… I can’t locate the link to d/l OpenGL for NT. Any help would be appreciated


GLSetup is only for Win98/WinME, not for NT based operating systems.

OpenGL comes with your driver for your video card, but my understanding is that WintNT basically sucks for playing games. See if your IT staff at work will upgrade you to Win2k, update the driver for your video card, and you should be able to play your game at work.

Good luck.