OpenGL Settings in display Properties

I need advice please. I’ve searched web for suitable description of OpenGL settings which would allow me to decide which settings to use when, to no avail. I’m an advanced user, have AMD 1200 w/GeForce2 MX 400.
There’s some interesting settings, but I don’t know what will increase/decrease stability, speed, graphics:

  • enable buffer region extension
  • allow dual plans extension to use local memory
  • use fast linear-mipmap-linear filtering
  • enable anisotropic filtering
  • disable support for enhanced CPU instruction sets
  • buffer flipping mode–block transfer, page flip, or auto setting?
  • vertical sycn–always off, off by default, or on by default?
  • how much system memory to reserve for textures in PCI mode?
    If anyone can help point me at a reference to help deciding when to use what, I’d appreciate it.
    Dave Yauch