Where can i download the latest version of the OpenGL SDK?

What do you mean with opengl sdk?

There is a NVidia or Ati Developer SDK on their sites.

Why does everyone always want an SDK?

The standard OpenGL headers come with the compiler (except on Linux, where they are installed with X11). The latest glext.h can be downloaded from the extension registry. On windows there are also the link libraries, they come with the compiler, too…

What else do you need?

Here is my SDK under Linux:

g++, gdb, gvim
standard gl headers (gl,glu,glext)
X/glx headers (X11.h, glx.h)
and the matched libraries.

In fact, noone really needs more.

I downloaded the SDK. It’s here:

No, this is not what you need…

This is a very old and not longer supported version of the OpenGL DLLs for Windows 95. It will most certanly run only in software, if it works at all…

If you don’t believe what jide or I say, search the forums or read the FAQ on this site. There is no OpenGL SDK, and you don’t need one!

That is an ANCIENT library designed to improve on the crap Microsoft shipped at the time.

What you need it the SDK from your card chip designer and the latest drivers from the card chip designer.

What graphics card do you have Ehsan?

Originally posted by Overmind:
There is no OpenGL SDK, and you don’t need one!
My meaning of the OpenGL SDK is the header files, libraries and dlls. So you mean that OpenGL header files don’t change in different versions of OpenGL?–And what’s the meaning of the OpenGL 2.0 as an example?

Hi Angus
My graphics card is Geforce4 MX 4000.

I’m a bit confused. I thought that i need to find the new header files, new libraries and new dlls.

There are SDKs it’s just that there’s no “official” OpenGL SDK, you can just link to the basic lib and use whatever header you can find using wglgetprocaddress for any extensions but you’d miss out on the latest tokens and prototypes in the headers (typedefs that match function call parameters give you more checking that raw function pointers). Any driver download will update your OpenGL libraries and the official entry points haven’t changed in ages, so you’re mainly concerned with updating your header files and getting cool sample code when you grab an SDK. In fact there’s a common header gl.h and glext.h maintained somewhere and w.r.t. SDK that’s the main thing you need.

You do need the latest stuff (drivers and headers), but you grabbed some old rubbish lying around the web.

With your card you should get your drivers and SDK from NVIDIA for the most troublefree coding experience.

For NVIDIA development:

Drivers here:

SDK with headers here:

Other cool stuff here:

Remember that this header includes NVIDIA stuff not ATI, so for ATI extensions you would want their SDK. Always check extensions for availability before using them, never assume they’ll be there, they won’t on other systems. This gets a bit convoluted, so it may be useful to you to use a library like GLEW.

That eliminates a lot of the issues, you’ll still have to check for extensions before calling them and if you’re serious about game development you probably want an ATI graphics card to test with too, and a mode where you run with NO extensions.

OK I went looking for the common header files I knew existed somewhere and it looks like this is called an SDK by whoever put this together:

The reason this can be called an SDK and it’s just the headers is that the *GetProcAddress call is used to query new function pointers and the dynamic libs are delivered by driver updates.

So as I said before you only need the latest header files and this one is probably better for you since you have a fairly old card with nothing new happening on it, and this will include any ATI prototypes you might also want to call if yu get some hardware to test with.

If you had a bleeding edge card I might suggest using the NVIDIA header, but with your card, just grab the headers in the link in this post and download the latest drivers (from the previous post). Optionally you can download samples and tutorials from NVIDIA’s SDK.

It’s really up to you whether you use this header or the NVIDIA one, with your card I doubt there’s much of difference.

Good Luck.

Hi Angus.
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