Was just wondering if there is an OpenGL SDK available. Thanks,


No, OpenGL isn’t bloated enough to require an SDK, its simply a header and a library. Things like DirectX, Windows, or any other Microsoft product ever made require SDKs. Get a copy of the Red Book (OpenGL specifications). I’m sure someone here will be nice enough to point out the URL (sorry dont know it off the top of my head… I have a copy of the book and have fun writing small, portable, efficient, fast, beautiful OpenGL apps. Unless you’d prefere to write large, platform-dependant, inefficient, slow, ugly apps… in that case go download the 120+ megabyte DirectX 8 SDK. (sorry… personal opinions getting the best of me…)

Go to, as well as having great tutorials it has links to the opengl red book and superbible. The site is the best place to start.