OpenGl sdk........ please help

i recently came to know about OpenGl and its tremendous power and this is my first mail on this forum. i’m starting to work on opengl. but there are some problems.
(1)- From where can i download the latest OpenGl sdk and what is the latest version…is it 1.3 or 1.4?

(2)- Which is the best C++ compiler for using OpenGl…can i use the Borland 5.02 for C++?

i would be very grateful to whoever solve these problems


1.opengl kit is avaliable in SGI’s website and also in other websites(put search in google)(also in mesa3d website).
2.There are persons better persons to explain this. Anyway, in my view, it’s upto you. If you already worked with borland you go ahead with. It depends what type of application you want to develop(this may not be true).

good luck

Borland works fine for OpenGL, I use Borland 5.02 and Borland builder alot. One big thing to remeber is if you use glut is that most of the glut libs for glut or other .lib are made for Microsoft Visual C++, that which is not a documented standard. So you have to use implib or coff2omf command line programs to import a lib file that you can use. VC works fine as well for OpenGL, although I can not say anything about Code Warrior or IBM’s visual cafe. Also alot of people use Delphi so if you know pascal pretty well that might be a route to go.

thanx alot for your help. i went to a number of sites for the download and found the opengl multipipie sdk 1.2 free for download. i also found the mesa3d sdk.


(1)- at the sgi website i found out that for running opengl there should be IRIX 6.5 installed on my system…what is that?

(2)- is this exactly the same sdk u are talking about because there were other related products on the sgi website available for download?

(3)- is opengl 1.4 or 1.3 sdk available for purchase only or free for download … if free then where is it?

sorry if this mail bothers you…but please help me , i’m a newbie.