OpenGL screensaver: solve the mystery!

Dear All,

New to the board and glad to have found it. So here’s the mystery I’m looking for your help in cracking.

Downloaded a pack of GREAT openGL screensavers from here: (highly recommended). My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium on a Compaq Pressario 1.75 Gh and 1014 MB RAM. It has an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (945 Express Chipset Family). When I open its setting and click 3D, it takes me to a screen with a big OpenGL graphic and values that I can select for various attributes. So, in theory, I would think that this would support OpenGL programs - like these screensavers - very well.

HOWEVER, for the most part, the screensavers have a very slow, jerky, halted, unsmooth movement to them. I’ve heard Intel isnt OpenGL friendly but the fact that it has settings for it and Intel claims that their stuff is OpenGL friendly, I’m not sure where to go next with this.

So…I would REALLY appreciate your trouble-shooting skills with this. (Am I the only one that finds himself spending more time troubleshooting problems on my computer than enjoying it!!!)

Thanks for reading and any help you’re willing to give.



The FAQ from the really slick website talks about Intel chipset problems:

"6 - This saver is running slowly, and I am using Intel graphics.

First, read this( . In a nutshell, Intel disables hardware acceleration for OpenGL screensavers. I would like to believe that they have a good reason for doing this, but I cannot think of one. I have written to Intel a couple times to ask about this, but they have never responded.

One kind user reported a workaround: Try renaming your OpenGL savers from “.scr” to “.sCr”. It appears the Intel driver does not check all variations on capitalization when it deactivates hardware rendering. "

Hi sqrt,

I appreciate you giving it a look-see. I had indeed reviewed the FAQ and even spoken to the developer of the screen savers. The reported workaround seems to indicate renaming the file TYPE, rather than the file name itself. I tried renaming the file name with capital letters; didn’t work. Tried renaming the file TYPE but didn’t find any property field that allowed me to click on it and change. The developer thought the direction was to simply rename the file name with caps, but I think the workaround suggests changing the file TYPE name to include caps.

Is it your understanding that Intel disables OpenGL screensavers but facilitates the use of OpenGL on everything else?

If you or anyone else has further suggests, ideas, or recommendations, I’s appreciate it.


  • Joher

(sorry if I insult your intelligence here)

The file type is determined (in windows) by the 3 letter extension after the dot. eg. filename.scr. By default windows hides these known file extensions from users. To change this on vista see this (quick google):

One you have windows displaying file extensions, you can change the capitalization of the .scr extension as mentioned in the FAQ above.