OpenGL ScreenSaver issue - Color palette gets garbled!


I’m coding a videogame that can also be used as a screensaver for windows. Here’s my problem:

Mode 1 - When running as a screensaver, my program’s color palette is all garbled and does not display properly.
Mode 2 - When the program is run as a screensaver (using the preview button from windows’ “screensaver selection tab”), the palette is OK. Note that this mode is identical to the “Mode 1” above as far as the code is concerned
Mode 3 - When run as a regular program everything is okay as well.

This only happens on my PC at work, which has a built-in crappy card (Intel 82845G) which might be the source of the problem.

Anybody has had some similar problem? Any clues?

If you want i can provide a working sample. Thanks!

Never mind the question, I just found a workaround : My screensaver was running in 16 bit color. Problem disappeared after switching to 32 bit color…

Probably a driver issue.

Cheers! Here’s to 2005!

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