OpenGL-Screensaver behaves strange with Intel graphics

Hello everybody!

I hav a maior problem with an own screensaver for Windows XP. I wrote a quite normal program (yes I remember the command switches) which does a few things on the screen and it runs very well. When I renamed it to .scr it also runs equally well on my home and my office PCs with an Nvidia graphics card. Now I would like to use the screensaver on my new notebook with Intel Extreme Graphics 2 for Mobile (82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller). It runs well when it has the extension .exe but Windows falls back to software rendering when I rename the screensaver to .scr. Both time I run the Program from a command shell! A desktop PC with Intel Chipset graphics (Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (not for Mobile)) behaves the same.
Has ANYbody at least the smallest idea, what I can do? (Has anybody a really clean OGL screensaver code?)

Thank you for your time


Intel do not support opengl screensavers. And that the official line I got tech support.


this issue has been brought up on the forum before, check it out:;f=3;t=012761

Thank you. Now I know what’s ‘wrong’.
The people in the other topics say that you should buy a proper graphics card and throw Intel graphics away. That is a little bit hard for integrated notebook graphics, so I have to find a workaround.
Thank you again.