OpenGL runs with 1 fps when textures are used!


I am using windows 8 64 bit operating system, and a ATI radeon HD5650 mobility gpu on a laptop. My cpu is intel i5 2.40 GHz. I have a 2012 version driver installed for my cpu.

There is a problem which discourages me badly and I require to solve it.

Whenever I load a texture to my 3d opengl program, the program runs with 1 fps. This is completely related to my laptop, not the code, because running the program on other computers give smooth results. However, on my computer, it is incredibly slow. I can’t test stuff and enjoy at all.

If you can help me with the issue, I would be glad.

AMD System Monitor while running the program says:

CPU usage while running is %25-%35
GPU usage while running is %0-%10

If i load texture to my 2D textured program( another program ) it runs with %75-%85 GPU usage without any problems, good fps.

But, the program that troubles me runs with 1-2 fps and uses almost no GPU.

CPU usage while running is %25-%35

Laptops can be a lot slower at accessing hard disks. I would do some profiling of your whole program to see where you are spending most time and optimise that code.

the only time i had performance problems related to textures was when i used one whose x-/y-size was not a power of 2 (e.g. 2,4,8,16,…).
no idea if that can be an issue any more, it was a couple of years ago.

Are you re-loading the textures every frame?

I don’t own the code so I don’t feel comfortable sharing it here. But i can say that I am definitely not loading the textures every time. It is done in the initial function.

But the code is old opengl. I will try to learn modern opengl, hoping to get better results.

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