OpenGL runs slow when other apps are running

I have created my own OpenGL app, it runs 60+ fps. However it runs dead slow (1fps) when certain programs run. Here is a list of programs that makes my program run slow:

  • Google Chome
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Photoshop CS6

Let us take e.g. Google Chrome. First i thought, it must be my programming (how much resources does chrome actually need???), so I downloaded g D E B u g g e r, which comes with a teapot example. It ALSO runs 1fps when Chrome is open. Does anyone else experience this, and how to get around it?

Solved, it was simply a matter of updating the graphic card drivers.

I have the same problem with 3dsmax. As soon as it starts up, my OpenGL program literally freezes and
becomes incredibly slow. It’s like watching paint dry. Even after I quit 3dsmax, my program is still slow.
I have to restart it again to get it working as before.

I haven’t updated my drivers yet. I use nVidia GeForce drivers. Running Windows XP.

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