openGL running differently in two different system

I have an application using openGL. While I run in a system with GeForce7600GSS /w 256MB, in WinXP running P4 2.6GHz 512Mb, the application running quite smooth. However, when this application run in another system, using GeForce8600GTS /w 512MB, the performance dropped a lot. As I am wonder why a higher-end display card with newer Duo Core CPU will slower than a lower-end system.

What will be the reason of this situation? Anyone have this kind of experience before?

Maybe different drivers? I am sure you took care of it but I prefer asking.

The drivers in both systems is latest. It is really strange.

How about the 2-sided lighting problem being part of the cause?
There are things in 8x00 that are no longer the fast path, even worse: instructions becoming emulated (by using several other instructions, at compile-time of the pseudo-asm shader code).

Try disable multithreading optimizations in the driver ?
If you search for this in these forums, you will get more info on this, apparenlty it is quite frequent that these optimizations are not done correctly, and it is better to disable it.

Thank you for all of your replies.

The problem solved.

It is because my application only has one thread, and in those Duo Core system, windows is trying to use two cpus to do the job.

After we set the program to use one CPU only, the overall slow down problem solved.

It is not related to openGL problem, but Duo/Quad Core system problem.

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